Dla iOS


Instalacja mapy w StreetPilot OnBoard na iOS po jailbreak

Najpierw należy ściągnąć mapę UMP stąd (wersja B5). A potem?

Na jakimś forum znaleźliśmy następujące informacje:

  • Rename the country map to "gmapprom.img" (if it is gmapsupp.img). Can handle two maps gmapprom.img and gmapprom1.img
  • Using iExplorer or your preferred file browser for your idevice (on PC) browse to the directory "var\mobile\Applications\[APP DIR]\garmin-nav.app\storage-usa\.System" and copy in the map files (.IMG) and other directories for JCV and G2S. (NOTE: You can get the [APP DIR] name using iFile; enable "Application Names" in settings and look for "USA"
  • After copying the contents you need to modify the permissions on files; to do this, open iFile on your idevice, first enable "Hidden Files" under the settings of iFile to see the .System folder, then browse to the folder "var\mobile\Applications\[APP DIR]\garmin-nav.app\storage-usa\.System" and adjust the following:

Owner: mobile; Group: mobile

Access Permissions:
User: Read, Write, Execute
Group: Read, Execute
World: Read, Execute

Jeśli ktoś zweryfikuje, będziemy wdzięczni za raport.