UMP -- the best free and open map of Poland for GPS devices

UMP -- this is a free map designed for GPS devices and smartphones (initially for Garmin GPS receivers, current list of supported devices in Polish: Wersje), made and developed under Creative Commons licence. This licence covers sources as well as compiled version, ready for GPS use.

UMP covers almost all territory of Poland. Almost -- because we are continuously growing up.

We currently cover the rest of Europe and the most of mediterranean countries, but most of coverage is arterial roads only.

Features of UMP map:

  • it is absolutely free. You can download it with no costs from our webpage.
  • autorouting: our map contains all necessary information required by receiver to automatically calculate a route between two positions. You will be guided turn by turn to your destination point.
  • huge numbers of POIs: in the UMP you can find many interesting points, useful during your journey. Petrol stations, car dealers and services, ATMs, restaurants, hotels, parkings all these things are present. Additionally we put there other points: bunkers, attractions, nice views, shopping and sport centres, and many, many others. This makes our map unique and extraordinary product.
  • your feedback is welcome. You can easily add, update or remove points and roads from our map. Just inform us about errors, and soon the new, fixed version will be published.

How to use our map?

How to install our map in Garmin receiver:

The safest and easiest way to install our map in the Garmin receiver is to install it on a flash card. Just download gmapsupp file, unzip it and copy to Garmin folder on the card.

Another free (no-cost) Garmin-ready maps around the world can be either found on Mapcenter and Mapcenter2 or using this service.

Another map community is OpenStreetMap project. They provide free geographic data around the world, but the use in GPS navigation is not so easy although possible.

How to install our map on other GPS receiver:

You can use our map on Android, iOS, Navitel, TwoNav, Symbian, Windows Mobile, BadaOS, J2ME devices/software, as well as on a PC and using Internet.

You can use it on Garmin-based navigation systems, too - including Kenwood radio-navs as well as OEM navigation systems on some Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat, Lancia, Subaru, Suzuki and Volvo cars.

If you can find your device on the list here and translators don't help you much, please write us an email in English.

How to help us?

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